The Hong Kong Fire Services Department - Diving Unit has a fleet of eight fireboats, including two command boats, one diving support vessel and two diving support speedboats provide fire protection and rescue services within Hong Kong waters. The Diving Unit has a fleet of five diving tenders, one diving support vessel and two diving support speedboats deployed at seven strategic locations throughout Hong Kong, and a three-compartment compression chamber at Ngong Shuen Chau for treating patients suffering from decompression illness and requiring hyperbaric oxygen treatment. In 2006, the Diving Unit had started to use WR-1 to contain the underwater breaking-in tools. It shows again, Mil-Force® products are truly designed for PROFESSIONAL.


Water resistant turnout bag designed for Fire Services Department - Diving Unit.
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The Diving Unit comprises about 150 active divers responsible for maritime search and rescue within Hong Kong waters down to the maximum depth of 42 metres using compressed air diving equipment and underwater breaking-in tools.



An air-and-sea rescue effort was initiated. Rescue operations involving diving teams, search helicopters and boats
were assigned in Hong Kong Ferry disaster off Lamma Island Oct 1st, 2012.


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