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Arms Magazine Survival Game Camp in Summer (ASCS)

August 22, 2001

Mil-Force® is glad to participate and sponsor for every air soft survival events.
We were glorious to be invited by Hobby Japan Co. Ltd as a sponsor for the event run by Arms Magazine. Here is Naeba in Japan – far away from Osaka. There were total 416 game players in this event and we got a good memory from it. 

Before the game started, the players were chatting to relax themselves.

Every player needed to understand the rules and the site details since Naeba Ski Resort is a huge forest area. It is also the reason why Hobby Japan Co. Ltd. chooses this area for survival 
event every year. If you have never been there before, we highly recommend you to experience the fun there.

This was our booth inside the site. All game players could buy some special goods for their collection or personal use, since some of them are no longer produced.

This was the air soft gun testing area. The association concerned about the player’s safety, so that the power allowed for the guns was not very strong. 

All game players must attend the assembly provided by the association for further details before the game started.

The Mil-Force® representatives thanked all game players
for their support of Mil-Force® products and also the support of the event each year.

All game players were returning to their team to discuss their strategies for winning the game.

Some of the team members were taking photos in front of our Mil-Force® banner while the leaders were getting the bullets for the competition.
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