Mil-Force® has supported IPSC Shooting Match in the recent years.
It is the most popular form of organized competitive target shooting & the fastest growing shooting discipline in the world.
Elements combine to keep competitors & spectators entertained.
IPSC is a dynamic fast paced shooting sport where the principles of Accuracy,
Speed and Power are balanced in a unique scoring system.
IPSC requires competitors to shoot fast & accurately while on the move & to develop techniques to save time between shots, during reloads and drawing.
Matches are different each time with different ranges, number & type of targets & arrays.
Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty carrying no-shoot targets mixed-in or
even partially covering shoot targets, obstacles, movement, competitive tactics, and,
in general, any other relevant difficulty the course designer can dream up all combine to keep the competitors enthusiastic
and the spectators entertained.
Shooter may be required to shoot targets from 2 to 50+ meters away in the same stage.
Score is the total points earned divided by elapsed time calculated to 4 decimal places requiring a computer & software.
Congratulations to those winners.
Mil-Force® was proud to be the sponsor of this IPSC Tournament.
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