Police Department

The vision of Hong Kong Police Force is to maintain Hong Kong as one of the safest and most stable societies in the world.

Whether it is an old model or the latest fourth-generation communication equipment, MIL-FORCE products are still used by the Hong Kong Police Force.

Besides, we also supply other equipment products to different Police Departments, such as: ASU / CID / CTRU / PTU / RRT / SDU ets.

Item: # RT-13 & RT-33

It shows again, Mil-Force® products are truly designed for PROFESSIONAL.

Item: # MF-CT

Tool bag designed for Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU)

Emergency Unit

Breaking equipment bag designed for professional use.

Inside view of Breaking equipment bag can hold various kinds of equipment.

Item: # NTN-2

A small part of it designed and produced for the Police Force.

Utility Bag For EU HKI

Disaster Victim Identification Unit (DVIU)

Members of Hong Kong's Disaster Victims Identification Unit (DVIU) arrived and performed the duty of victim identification in Lamma Island Oct 1st, 2012 ferry disaster.

Marine Region / Water Assault Team

One of the six Regions that makes up the Hong Kong Police Force.

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