Ringwood, UK

Welcome to The National Airsoft Event 2008!

It was held on August 22-24 at Ringwood, UK.
MIL-FORCE® was very grateful to be the sponsor of this year.
There were 1213 players from France, Belgium, Danmark and UK attended this biggest airsoft event.
It was great to getting feedback about our products in use during the weekender.

The Map of Competition Zones.

This is our booth to promote MIL-FORCE® product.
Thank you for those who filled out our survey.
Each of them received souvenirs from MIL-FORCE®.
Everyone has a chance to enter our lucky draw.
Thank you for the Marshals, who had help us for set up during the event.
Players were queuing up for entry registration and MIL-FORCE® souvenir collection.

It's time for lucky draw!

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Congratulations to all lucky draw winners!
This National Airsoft Event is the largest in United Kingdom.
There is about 300 acres of woodland with camping and game area.
It was great for players whose like to camp-out, enjoy the outdoors and playing airsoft with friends.

Players are try to stay behind cover as much as possible.
Cover themselves if they get into trouble, and then shoot when they get the chance.
It was great to play with Psycho Squad during the 2nd & 3rd day and became one of their teammate. Sausage!
After all the groups have amassed at the main grounds and get the mission briefs,
all site marshalls directed the players to proceed towards the landing zone.
Find a nice spot in the woods to lie down in. The best place to be is behind something to prevent getting hit.
We would like to thank all players who participated in the 2008 Mil-Force® survey.
Your valuable comments will help us a lot in further enhancing our services.
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