Shot Show USA 2003


The Shot Show 2003 was held in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. . Mil-Force® was participated again this year.
Large number of Mil-Force® new products would like to introduce to all of our advocators and friends.

In this year of Shot Show, we prepared more than 3,000 of each souvenirs for visitors in our booth.
We would like to say thank you for all of Mil-Force® advocators.
Here, please let us to show you the journey in the Show of Mil-Force®.

Our Booth

As same as last year, all popular items (details as shown below) are showing at the booth for our visitors easy to evaluate our products.
Assault System:~ Tactical Vests, Gloves, SDU Bags, Overalls and Belts, Torch Pouches, Army Helmet Bags,
IPSC/Range Bags and Belts, Rifle Bags, Gas Mask Bags, Action Bags, Handcuffs Pouches, Pistol Bags,
Magazine Bags and Pouches, PTU Bags and Pouches, Multi-use Pouches, Baton Holders, Rescue Bags,
Uniform Bags, and Walky Talky Pouches etc.

Military Equipment:~ Military Binocular, U.S. Army and British Army watch and watch straps, Multi-plier knives, Tactical Boots etc.

Camping Accessories:~ Compass and Thermometer, Multi-plier tools, First-Aid Pouches, Passport Bags,
Water Resistant Bags, Climbing Bags and Poncho etc.

Our booth was setting by two sections.

We prepared souvenirs to our visitors, those are very appreciated by them.

It's got a fitting area for customers who would like to try our products.

Our Customers and Friends

We are glad that Mil-Force® has a great success again in Shot Show 2003. For this time, we would like to say thanks for all of our advocators / customers and friends. Mil-Force® will come back next year, hope to see you again in Shot Show 2004.
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